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Singapore's visual arts reputation needs salvaging
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by 03zvzsz on 14.02.2019
Post Singapore's visual arts reputation needs salvaging

I refer to the sudden cancellation of the Art Stage fair just days before its planned opening (Please, don't give the arts a pass; Jan 20) and Mr Hua Tye Swee's letter (Govt agencies must manage art scene better; Jan 21). 카지노사이트

Art Stage fair founder Lorenzo Rudolf puts the blame for the closure of the fair on "the very difficult market situation in Singapore" and the "unequal competition" from another fair, S.E.A. Focus.

It is an indisputable fact that the number of local and regional collectors here is still very small, despite the long-stated aim and best efforts of the National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and Economic Development Board to invigorate the art market. 바카라

Over the past two decades, they have given very generous support to the many art fairs here.

One of the most urgent issues facing the art scene here may be "declining attendances and ticket sales", but there is little doubt this issue of floundering art fairs and Singapore's declining art market credibility ranks right up there with it.

A major rethink of art fair support, especially financially, by these three government agencies is in order to salvage Singapore's visual arts reputation.

The new fair in November, Art SG, certainly has its work cut out for it. 바카라사이트

It cannot afford to fail.

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