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MOE's general guidelines on online behaviour not h...
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by 03zvzsz on 18.02.2019
Post MOE's general guidelines on online behaviour not helpful

It is laudable that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is taking action against questionable Instagram accounts. However, I find its spokesman's response lacking (MOE to take action against 'lewd' Instagram account targeting junior college girls, ST Online; Jan 14). [url=]바카라사이트[/url

The spokesman said students ought to be "mindful of privacy settings", "refrain from revealing personal information online" and "be safe and discerning users of digital space".

Such motherhood statements are not helpful because they are merely general guidelines on how students should behave on social media. It does not help anyone to tackle the issue specifically.

What worries me, also, are the words used, like "safe and discerning" and "be mindful". They seem to imply that students are not doing their part to protect themselves online and reek of victim-blaming.

According to pictures published on Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao, the photos posted on the lewd account looked ordinary, with suggestive captions added to them. 카지노사이트

The photos were already conservative, and it is not the girls' fault that their pictures - whether their accounts were made public or private - were exploited.

MOE must acknowledge that the exploitation was beyond the girls' control, and effort should go into sniffing out the perpetrator.

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